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Corn-Filled Regulation Cornhole Bags For Sale

All of these cornhole bags are corn-filled. The primary reason you might want corn-filled is price. Corn is simply cheaper than other fill materials. So, if you're a value shopper, these might be for you. You might also be interested in them if you're simply a cornhole purist. The original cornhole bags were all corn-filled.

There are a few drawbacks to corn-filled cornhole bags. First, they don't stand up to wet weather nearly as well as a resin-filled bags. Second, they get dusty. Every time you throw them, more and more corn dust shakes loose. Finally, you'll want to be careful about where and how you store corn-filled cornhole bags. A lot of critters eat corn. It's not uncommon for someone to get their cornhole gear out of the garage for the first time during the Spring, and find that a mouse or two or twenty made a meal out of their cornhole bags.

For the reasons above, we recommend you go with our all-weather resin-based fill if you're able to swing the additional cost. But if not, you're still getting an extremely high quality set of official cornhole bags that should last for years if properly taken care of.

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