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World Series of Cornhole 6-IN Professional Cornhole Bag Rapter - Inshore Slam

Color: Green

The WSOC professional cornhole bags are made from premium materials and state-of-the-art equipment. Made in the USA, these bags are curated from high-quality fabrics and carefully chosen resin to achieve specific play characteristics. With various graphic and fabric options available, sets can be mixed and matched to fit any style of play.

These bags are made with two fabrics, each with a different speed.  One side is a suede fabric, rated at a 2/10 speed for control and blockers.  The reverse side of the cornhole bag is a faster weave material used to push bags into the hole, rated at a 9/10 speed.

  • Set of four (4) 6-inch by 6-inch professional cornhole bags
  • It is filled with small, flat, all-weather resin for a hole-friendly bag
  • Constructed from two different fabrics: one for speed and one for grip
  • Beautiful and vibrant HD-printed graphics
  • Enhanced strategy, control, and feel for the optimal playing experience.
  • Stitching that is proven to last
  • WSOC official size & weight
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty
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